At Spring Harvest 1995, I realised God was real and I wanted to worship Him. I've never stopped.

I'm deeply passionate about helping people to engage with God, deepening their relationship with Him as they worship. It's been great to support teams across the South West through coaching and coming alongside musicians from a variety of church backgrounds.

Although I usually lead worship from acoustic guitar, I can also be found behind the keyboard and have loved being able to learn more about the Nord and MainStage over the past few years.


  • Worship Leader (guitarist)
  • Coach / trainer
  • Keys player



Pursue Network


Providing training, mentoring, coaching and support  to all involved in leading worship in the South West. Providing 'supply teacher' worship team members to churches who find themselves short, and building a wider community among worshippers throughout the South West.

Online Church


Worship Leader and video editor


Leading worship via zoom, Facebook, Instagram, church online, YouTube and other platforms, pre-recorded or live, for various church groups including Ivybridge Methodist, Ashburton Family Church, GOD TV, Yealmpton Christian Fellowship, Exeter Cathedral, Singing Rooms, Upstream Ministries and more...

Exeter Diocese


Technical Advisor


Contributing blog entries regarding online streaming and worship leading, as well as attending as an 'expert' on a Q &A panel.

St Matthias, Plymouth


Head of Keys and Worship Leader


An HTB church plant, and equipping our first local church plant as a 'worship leader on mission'

St Mellitus, Plymouth


Worship Leader and Verger


Leading worship, helping to enable the next generation of theologians and church leaders to meet with God through sung worship


Plymouth Methodist Central Hall


Worship Leader, Acoustic Guitarist, Piano


Leading both in main services and working alongside the youth worship team to equip and release them into leading themselves (till '16)


Singing Rooms


Worship Leader


Leading non-stop worship for periods of up to 2 hours (although I over ran by 30 minutes once)

TaviPraise / Filling Station


Worship Leader


Supporting both of these events as they seek to engage in prayer and worship. Also involved in setting up a new filling station in Ashburton, which involves training up the local team

Unity Festival


Worship Leader


Leading worship, both on the main stage and in the cafe as an outreach on Plymouth Hoe and in the City Centre - also leading at All Nations Church prior to the event

Solar Flare Beach Party


Guitarist / Keys player


First supporting Joe Stivey's band, then supporting the Stephenson's band, and finally playing alongside the St Matts team - it's always an honour to work alongside different teams

Ivybridge Worship Marathon 2017


Worship leader / Keys player


24 hours of non-stop worship, supporting local worshippers and leading slots throughout the day and into the night


Worship leader and blogger



2022 - Andrew Wommack European Leaders Conference

Playing keys supporting Adam Stone from Upstream Ministries

2022 -David's Tent

Leading Whisper Worship with Open Doors

2022 - Creation Fest

Playing keys in the Big Top with Emissary

Since 2020 - Upstream Ministries

Recording weekly extended worship for a church network based on five continents

2019 - Creation Fest

Played keys as part of the regular morning worship in the main venue, and spoke as a keys player at a workshop for South West School of Worship

2019 - Love South West

Played keys at Plymouth Pavilions as 1300+ gathered to worship

2019 - HTB Leadership Conference

Played keys for the Plymouth Hub

2019 - Big Church Day Out

Led worship for the Tearfund volunteers

2019 - Manchester Worship Night

Played keys for GOD TV at their worship night, based in Manchester

2018 - Creation Fest Tour

Played keys in four locations across the South West

2018 - Focus

Played keys in 7-9s venue; led worship in student venue (also unofficially in 2019, supporting a venue by playing keys last minute)

2018 - Creation Fest

Either played keys or led in the unhindered worship venue; ran a workshop on songwriting


2017 - GOD TV

Played keys for 'Christmas Carols' show

2017 - Creation Fest

Played keys in youth venue daily; led worship in prayer venue

2016 - Big Church Day Out

Led unhindered worship (unofficially, but the venue was empty when we started and unexpectedly full when we stopped around midnight!)

2015 - Big Church Day Out

Opened the UCB Shed, and was invited back to close it on Day Two