Help me attend Theological College

From September, I'm embarking on a three year Theological degree with St Mellitus South West, but I need your help.

Four years ago, I stepped out of full time teaching in order to increase the time I spent supporting and equipping communities to worship. The pandemic has kept me busy, either through providing tech support to churches as far away as Missouri, to recording times of worship that have been seen internationally.

I do all of this without expectation of payment. But now I need your help. I currently fund my voluntary work by working part time in the education sector. When I start my degree, the hours available to work will be cut dramatically. I still want to continue my voluntary ministry while I'm studying - if anything, studying Theology, Ministry and Mission should help enhance what I do.

But studying a degree isn't cheap. The total cost for three years will come to around £20,000.

My Voluntary Work

Leading Worship

Recording videos and leading worship live - click the link for more information

Enabling Worship

Working alongside churches to provide tech support or mentoring and coaching for worship teams


Publishing the Bible in 20 Years series - click the link to buy a copy of the first book.

I am also applying to trusts for grants, which if successful would contribute towards the target, but no way near cover it. I'm currently taking in extra work while I have the time - my passion to complete this degree is reflected in my determination to raise the money.

But I cannot raise £20k by myself.

So I'm asking for your help.

If you are willing to donate anything - even a penny - I would be incredibly grateful!!!

I have included two links - PayPal and Monzo - that you can use to donate. Every penny you donate will go towards the degree, guaranteed.

I don't just want money...

If you are able to able to pray for me regularly, I would be grateful! God has provided for me this far, and I know having a team of people praying would just open the doors for even greater things! If you're willing to pray, click on the link below and please get in contact.