Worship Team Training

Worship Team Training

What is worship team training?

It's about helping you be the best version of you

Being a worship leader for a community can be lonely. Being a worship musician can be just as isolating.

We want to build community - a place where you can talk with like minded worship hearted people from across the UK. We also want to equip you with the skills to be the best you can be:

-Be better at leading a team

-Know how to encourage creativity

-Tips for avoiding burn out

-How to create a worshipping community

Training Days

Our totally free worship training days consist of a simple formula:

Step 1: we talk with you to find out what you need and personalise everything

Step 2: we plan a day of workshops, worship and activities that culminate in a worship event in the evening that the entire local church are invited to attend.

All. For. Free.

What qualifies us to help?

My day job is teacher trainer for the National Centre of Computing Education. I am a trained coach and have written courses for local universties, spoken at National conferences and led teams across the region. 

As a worshipper, I've been blessed to lead at big conferences and remote farm barns. I've built a network of friends across the country and mentored worship leaders and musicians that are now releasing music regularly and making an impact in the UK. I'm also studying for my second degree - this one in Theology, Ministry and Mission.

Most important of all, this is a direct response to a call from God to engage and equip worshippers across the region.

This is not amateurs who think they can, but qualified, trained, experienced worshippers and leaders that have a proven track record and a great reputation.

As a

Let's work together!

This is totally free - if you want to donate something, we won't say no, but this is for God and we trust He will provide what we need